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A Mansion at Cascade

Harmony with Cascade
12 * 12 m – 144 sqm
The task
The difficulty was that there was a garage on the territory of the current building, on which it was necessary to build a single house with different solutions. Since it was adjacent to the Cascade complex, special attention had to be paid to harmony with the environment.
The solution
Is an architectural solution that stands out for its round balcony and staircase windows, which was designed as an addition to the architectural style of the Cascade, and a more modest facade solution with a view of the residential quarter is consonant with this residential part also, the open balcony roof was made with a march opening, the purpose of which is to have both additional lighting and ventilation, especially for the rooms in the senker adjacent to the balcony.It is noteworthy that later the house-museum of the great master Charles Aznavour was built, according to which, it seemed, a complex harmony was created on the right and left sides of the Cascade.