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Filishin Business Center

Filshin LTD
Office Complex
An ambient balance with the city architecture
5000 sqm
The task
The problem was that there was a steep terrain in this area .We had to get a structure in which the relief would be used as an advantage, and would also be in tune with the environment, and, perhaps, the main requirement is not to shade the Cascade complex.
The solution
The result is this arched fiction. The natural relief was preserved, as a result of which there were 3 floors of the building on one side, and 5 on the other. Important attribute: the building cladding material is specially selected from white travertine, so that the building is dissolved with the environment as much as  possible. Large glazed solutions have been specially made to provide maximum natural lighting both for internal work spaces and to give a structure with a large mass a light and transparent appearance. The building has a modern solution, while the elements inherent in the spirit of Armenian architecture have been preserved.