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Three Houses

Private Complex
Smoothly transitioned to modern style architecture
Travertine, Tuff
1000 sqm
The task
Design an existing building belonging to the classical style, attached menats on a complex relief, which should have menats with separate entrances and be in harmony with the existing building.
The solution
The newly implemented section has been designed with the existing building forms in mind, making a smooth transition to the contemporary style architecture, while paying particular attention to the color tones of the cladding and the wide window openings to give as light and soft an appearance as possible. Because of stained glass windows and the inner courtyard, the problem of providing the apartments with the necessary lighting has been solved. By the help of the inner courtyard, it is possible to create a green environment and outdoor recreation areas in the dense construction. Part of the roof of the newly implemented building has been designed to have the possibility of a terrace, which will also serve as an additional recreation area, connected to the main building by a beautiful bridge. Although the menats were designed with separate entrances, on 4 levels, the overall building was designed around one collective image.